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The directors of Later Life Asset Management have more than 25 years experience in helping and advising clients with the legal, tax, and financial issues of later life and have a specialism in advising on long term care funding and planning.

Over that time, our dedicated advisory team has developed into some of the country’s most respected practitioners in this field and all our advisers hold the Later Life Adviser Accreditation, and are endorsed by the Financial and Legal Skills Partnership, which is now a nationally recognised accreditation award for advisers specialising in the later life market.

The directors were amongst the first members of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA), a not for profit organisation, which was established in 2008 with the aim of ensuring that consumers are better supported on the financial issues of later life by promoting awareness, raising standards and improving professionalism.


Later Life Asset Management Limited has developed a very specific service offering which we believe meets the particular needs of our clients.

Our service is independent, which is defined by the Financial Conduct Authority as being advice which is based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market without restriction or bias. 


Our fees are agreed and charged directly and because they are NOT contingent on a product being sold, we believe this offers our customers better quality advice and greater peace of mind.


At present, there are only 392 advisers in the UK who have qualified to be full members of SOLLA, and we are proud to say that the Directors and all of our advisers are full members. As a result, we are one of very few firms who can offer customers the combination of experience in the market, recognised additional qualifications, advice which is without restriction, and fees which are entirely transparent.

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Our Services

Pensions & Retirement Planning

It is widely accepted that many of us will spend more than a quarter of our productive lives in retirement. As increases in living standards and breakthroughs in medical science translate into greater life expectancy, it follows that we will have to set aside more of our wealth during our working lives to provide for ourselves in our retirement.  Many of us may also have to accept that we will have to work for longer than we anticipated or face the real prospect of a much lower standard of living once we have finished work.


It is therefore more important now than ever before, that the money you set aside towards your future retirement is invested as wisely as possible and it is monitored and managed on a regular basis to maximise the potential value of your fund for retirement.

Investment & Tax Management


With tens of thousands of funds available across a range of different asset classes  and geographical locations, finding the best investment is an almost impossible task.

Our approach to this dilemma is to provide clients with investments which have delivered consistently better results than the average of funds within the same sector and to match these to a clients attitude to risk and their capacity for loss.


We achieve this through a combination of a robust risk assessment process together with sophisticated analysis software to source funds which can provide the optimum combination of low cost, appropriate risk exposure, performance consistency, tax efficiency and overall returns.

We are able to back test the results of our research and each month we monitor and check that our selected funds continue to meet the agreed criteria and if not, to make recommended changes accordingly.

Our regular monthly updates, analysis reports and topical market commentary mean that our clients are kept fully up to date with the performance of their investments and that they have very best prospects of providing the best returns.

Equity Release


Many of us have accumulated wealth within our property but may find ourselves needing to access some of that capital to support our needs in retirement or possibly to fund a care need in later life.

In such circumstances, Equity Release is a possible solution as it enables individuals to realise some of that accumulated equity either through a lifetime mortgage or by exchanging a share in your home for a capital sum.

These are not steps that should be taken lightly and specialist advice is vital, not only to determine the best terms available in the market place but also to explore all other solutions that may be available and which may be more appropriate.

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care 2-04.png

Funding a long term care need can be extremely challenging.


With our system of social care under ever increasing demands, there is a growing requirement for individuals to self fund.


To do this effectively requires the consideration of a wide range of factors.


Awareness of state funding support, realisation that not all state benefits are subject to means testing, understanding the different funding strategies, obtaining an actuarial assessment of life expectancy, substituted decision making, tax mitigation and estate planning are all issues which will need to be considered and which are provided by Later Life Asset Management.

Long Term Care & Estate Planning



Fees and Charges

Our initial consultation is without charge or obligation. This enables our prospective clients to find out more about our firm and to feel comfortable that we are able to help them achieve the best possible outcome.  It also enables us to learn about your circumstances and requirements and to determine how best our services can add real value for you. The initial consultation can be by telephone or a face to face meeting. We are also able to offer audio and video conference facilities if preferred which can also accommodate the involvement of other family members.


Initial Advice

We charge fixed fees for our initial advice based upon hourly rates for the schedule of work to be undertaken.  Our letter of engagement confirms in writing the work we have identified as being required and our initial advice fee for undertaking this.  Clients are then free to consider our proposals and instruct us to do all, some or none of the proposed work. Our initial advice fee includes all work necessary to complete our research, recommendations and ongoing advice implementation.


Our initial advice fees are normally payable over instalments throughout the advice process and where appropriate we delay the charging of the final 10% of our fee until clients are completely satisfied we have completed all work as outlined in our letter of engagement.  



Review Advice

It is important to ensure that initial advice continues to meet our clients objectives and for this service we can offer a fixed fee based on client needs. The charge for this service is normally paid monthly with an agreed review basis



Investment management

Unlike many other financial adviser or wealth management firms, we charge fixed fees for our investment management services. We do not bundle or hide our charges by applying percentage based fees to your investments.  We provide two investment management services.


Account Management - This service relates to each individual investment account and includes the initial allocation of funds to the selected risk profile, the maintenance of optimum cash balances, audit and verification of contract notes and a monthly report detailing results and comparison against chosen benchmarks. 


Profile Management - For actively managed accounts we apply a profile management charge. This service enables us to monitor and maintain the most appropriate asset allocation within an agreed risk profile. It includes a monthly review of profile criteria, individual fund selection and ongoing monitoring. It also includes personalised recommendations and implementation of changes to individual portfolios. We provide a monthly bulletin on key investment issues, profile changes and topical stories of interest.    

Optional online access to all accounts is available at no extra charge.


Our investment management charges are not applied to Bank & Building Society deposits or National Savings & Investments accounts.


Indicative Fees

With all our fees, our objective is to deliver our clients with independent advice, the highest level of service and excellent value for money.


Our fees might range from £100 from a simple advisory note to explain how a tax refund might be obtained to several thousand pounds for complex estate and care planning advice. 

Our Directors and Advisers

Bill Calderbank DipFA
Asset 1.png

Bill Calderbank DipFA MLIB has worked in the later life advisory sector for over 28 years and has a wide range of skills in advising private clients and professional organisations. In addition, he has considerable experience in business management, regulation and the care advice sector.


He is the practitioner member of the panel which oversees the Later Life Accreditation Awards and is also Chairman of the advisory board of the Society of Later Life Advisers. He was a highly-commended finalist in the Best Intermediary for Later Life Awards in 2017, is a member of the Court of Protection Practitioners Association and holds the SOLLA Care Standard Award. Bill lives is Cumbria but his working commitments are such that he regularly travels to all areas of the country.

He served as the first independent Chairman of the advisory board of the Society of Later Life Advisers and, for more than 5 years as the practitioner of the panel which oversees the Later Life Accreditation Awards.

Stuart Cartwright DipFA

Stuart Cartwright DipFA MLIB has been advising later life clients since 2001.


He was one of the first individuals to be awarded the Later Life Adviser Accreditation when the scheme launched in April 2008. In addition to being a full member of The Society of Later Life Advisers, he is also a member of the Court of Protection Practitioners Association and holds the SOLLA Care Standard Award.


Stuart lives in Bolton, from where he is well placed to serve and advise clients across all areas of the UK. He was the first ever winner of the prestigious Best Intermediary for Later Life Award in 2017.

SID Image - Copy (2).jpg
Douglas Keating DipFA
doug k-01.png

Douglas Keating is an accredited later life adviser and has been a full member of the Society of Later Life Advisers since its creation. He is also a Certificated Member of the Personal Finance Society.


Based in Northumberland, Douglas services clients throughout Northumberland, Tyneside, Durham, North Yorkshire, Cumbria and South West Scotland. He has over 45 years’ experience in the financial sector advising both personal and corporate clients on investments, pensions, tax mitigation, and paying for long-term care.


Douglas is a senior member of our advisory team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial issues of later life.

Mark Oswell DipPFS

Mark Oswell is a fully accredited SOLLA later life adviser and has been since its inception in 2008. Based in Worcestershire he has been practising as an independent financial adviser since 1995 specialising in later life and long term care. 


He is referred to by a number of care providers and charitable groups and regularly gives talks on legal and financial issues to members of the Worcestershire Association of Carers.


Mark has been involved in financial matters for the whole of his career working in the Inland Revenue and insurance management and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers which he achieved whilst working in building society branch management.

MO PIC 13.7.18.jpg
Kevin Dodd DipFA

Kevin Dodd is an accredited later life adviser and has been a full member of the Society of Later Life Advisers since its establishment.


Based in Surrey, Kevin advises clients throughout the South East of the country and beyond. He has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector and has spent the last 18 years specialising in the later life sector.


Kevin is a senior member of our advisory team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial issues of later life.


Our Awards


Later Life Asset Management has provided the winner of The Best Intermediary for Later Life Advice award for the second successive year with our adviser, Mark Oswell taking home the award.

Best Intermediary Photograph.jpg

Later Life Asset Management's Adviser, Mark Oswell, accepting the award

In addition, the firm won the coveted Intermediary Innovation Award in recognition of the company’s successful development of advice in this specialist area.

Innovation Award Photograph.jpg
Innovation Award.jpg

Later Life Asset Management's Director, Bill Calderbank, accepting the award


Later Life Asset Management provided the winner of The Best Intermediary for Later Life Advice award with our Director, Stuart Cartwright taking home the award.

Presentation 2.png
Winner Logo.jpg

Later Life Asset Management's Director,

Stuart Cartwright, accepting the award



"I sought advice from Later Life Asset Management when Dad first went into care and had to sell his home. They explained the alternative ways that I could manage dad’s finances so that his future care needs and costs could be secured. The team now provide ongoing information, analysis of investments and advice to enable me to make the necessary decisions in Dad’s best interests. The service they provide is both friendly and professional and is available whenever it is required and only a phone call away. It provides great reassurance that I am doing the best I can for my Dad."  Mrs Susan Rhodes


"We value very much the advice and assistance provided by Later Life Asset Management which as well as enabling us to meet our obligations as a court appointed deputy, helps our clients to maximise their assets, allows them to self fund their care for longer, and reduces their reliance on local authority care funding. The advice given by the LLAM team is always thorough and complete, and we very much appreciate the practical assistance, form filling and chasing up which is also done on our behalf. Over the years we have engaged with a number of different financial advisers and our experience is that Later Life Asset Management provide the most comprehensive service at a very reasonable cost."  Richard Thorne Lead Officer Gloucestershire Client Affairs Department




"We had experienced some less than satisfactory experiences and extremely poor financial performance with IFA’s before being introduced to Later Life Asset Management. On reviewing our investments they were very professional and provided a detailed report on the investments we had, providing clarity where we felt, there had been confusion.


We became comfortable with their approach to the work and the information provided, not only at the regular review meetings, at which, we are provided with detailed reports, but also in the monthly investment reports providing background information to markets and performance. We liked that we were provide with accurate and concise minutes of all meetings and ensuring that we, absolutely, understood and agreed with all proposals before taking any action.


The continual display and level of professionalism, courtesy and customer service provided us with a great deal of confidence in the services of Later Life Asset Management. This level of confidence and comfort has been built around the excellent customer service and professionalism along with considerably improved financial performance, we have experienced and benefitted from. It is a service that has restored our faith in the integrity of, at least, some IFA’s. 


We have had no hesitation in recommending Later Life Asset management to others, something I had thought and stated, I would never do."  Alan and Jackie Mutter



"Well done on winning Best Later Life Intermediary. That is such good news, but I’m not surprised we have been so pleased with the service that we have had since the beginning."  Lorraine Freeman


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